Informasi Beasiswa S1, S2, S3 Luar Negeri

Pusat Informasi Beasiswa Dalam dan Luar Negeri Untuk S1, S2, S3, dan Postdoctoral

[Italy] Beasiswa Studi Bahasa untuk S1,S2,S3

The Government of Italy offers scholarships to Indonesian citizens wishing to pursue their studies in Italy. The selection is held annually by a Selection Committee consisting of competent authorities and expert representing both Italy and Indonesia. This Scholarship grants are distributed for students, professionals, teachers, and artists who meet the necessary requirements for enrollment in any Italian post-secondary institutions (universities, academies, conservatories, art restoration institutes, National School of Cinematography, research centers or laboratories, libraries, archives, museums and other national or nationally-recognized institutions), and who would like to attend specialization courses or to conduct research in specific fields. For Italian language study, the scholarships are awarded for specific programs which are held at the Universities for Foreigners in Perugia, Siena and Roma Tre or at the other recognized institutions (which are authorized to issue certification of Italian as a second language).

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  Umar wrote @

I want to know about undergraduate scholarship.Please sent to my mail.

  IIN INDRIANI wrote @

Saya adalah seorang guru Bahasa Indonesia dan tertarik dengan tawaran beasiswa tersebut. Dapatkan saya memperoleh informasi yang lebih lengkap? atau mungkin, formulir pendaftaran seleksi?
Terima kasih.

  ananda wrote @

saya tertarik dengan beasiswa bahasa
tolong info jelas di email pada :

  rani wrote @

my name rany from indonesia…
i try to get some scholarship in subject lingguistic or litterature
would you help me to get that
thanks before may allah keep us well

  Clay AB wrote @

Apakah ada yang bisa kirim formulirnya? Tolomg infokan ke

  aning wrote @

my name is aning from yogyakarta, indonesia.
i try to get some information about scholarship ini subjeck litterature or art (film, televison 0r advertising)
i hope u can share that information to my email. would u to help me…
thank you very much.

  mita wrote @

hi i’m mita,
i’m looking for scholarship in lingguistic subject
please help me to get the information

  paramita wrote @

I want to know more about postgraduate scholarship, , please get me some for my knowledge, thanks before

  achmadun hadi wrote @

I am an English teacher and try to get scholarship to continue my study (Master) especially in English Department. it is my imagination to be a student in Master Program. Will any one be able to help me? thx!

  ajma wrote @

I’m an english & germany teacherin senior high school .now i want to get scholarship in subject linguistic.tolong kasih info dan formulir beasiswa S2nya ya..thanks before

  rika wrote @

I’m senior high school student. I’m looking for undergraduate scholarship 2008-2009.
please sent me information about it.

  mita wrote @

I want to know more about how to get the scholarship and what requirements to do. I am bachelor degree and starving of any information relates to post graduate scholarship.

  A. Parama’arta wrote @


I have read the publication of this scholarship. I am really interested in to have this scholarship. Considering language is really crucial in either working life or daily life. By getting this program, it will enhance my ability and capability in term of communicational skills.
Please help me to get more information about this program and get this program.

thank you in advance

  mukaromah wrote @

cara untuk mendapatkan beasiswa s2 disana???
nama : itmamul khuluq
pendidikan : si peternakan angkatan 2005

  mukaromah wrote @

kalau sekiranya ada uinfo beasiswa yang bisa saya akses saya minta diberi tahu bisa???

  yui wrote @

my name is yui, i want get scholarship in subject linguage of education, could you give me some information, thank you so much

  Ari Akbarsyah wrote @

Please Send My E-Mail About It, I Like Italy, Thank You !

  Rianti wrote @

Hi, i am rianti, i am intrested to apply for S2, would you please informed me about the available majors and what requirements needed? PLease send the complete details to my email address. Thank you for your attention.

  mohamed hidra wrote @

am from morocco and am poor and i want countinue my study in america or england or spain english departement please help me my phone is 21270122253

  Jon Duarmas wrote @

I am an High School English teacher in Manado-Indonesia. I am interested in studying Ethnolinguistics. Now I am looking for any sponsors to help me to pursue my dream. I believe that through this discipline I can develop more understanding among different cultures in my region, state, and world. I also believe God will use you as HIS HANDS to help me.

Ego Amo Te.
Jon D.

  muhammad noor darwis wrote @

i’m muhammad noor darwis from indonesia. my occupation is informatika technologie engginering teacherin tarakan indonesia. i wan to learn more about komputer network, even my value deggre is low but i wan to try this project for my students..please send me info for s2 education…

  rinda wrote @

i am intrested in studying language. can i have some requirements needed to apply for post graduate

  nina marina wrote @

i want to know more about this scholarship.would u mind sending me the information trhrough my email? thanks a lot

  fahmi ramdhani wrote @

aku ingin mendapatkan beasiswa jurusan bahasa

  kezia wrote @

hai, saya kezia umur 21 thn.
saya lulus smu thn 05. saya belum ada dana untuk melanjutkan ke universitas. Tapi sebenarnya saya mempunyai minat yang sangat tinggi pada bahasa.
Dapatkah saya mendapatkan beasiswa ini???
Apa saja syaratnya?
Apakah jika tes bahasa saya hasilnya sangat memuaskan…saya bisa mendapat beasiswa ini?
terima kasih.

  tati wrote @

kasih info s2 bahasa Inggris dan bahasa Arab donk

  yuni wrote @

I am Yuni from indonesia.I am study at WM Catholik University and special subject that I was choosed is physics.But I’m very interested about Chinese Language.I want to study about that.Would you help me to know about all scholarship special for Chinene Culture and language.You can send the information at Thank you.God Bless U.

  Amelia Denise wrote @

Hi,i am Denise, i am intrested to apply for S2, would you please informed me about the available majors and what requirements needed? PLease send the complete details to my email address. Thank you for your attention.

  wengston wrote @

i am an english lecturer at polytechnic state manado,and i want to enrich my knowledge about english linguistic or sociolinguistic,so i need more information about how to get the grant to fulfill my need.

  Rio wrote @

my name is Rio from Surabaya, Indonesia.
I’m trying to get some information about S2 / master scholarship in English language subject like in English Literature, Art (film, televison or advertising), or Education.
Would you be kind to please send those information to my email. Thank you and God Bless.

  pamela wrote @

Hii i’m Pamela from jakarta (indonesian), i’m very interested for apply the scholarship, but i don’t have much information about that, can U help me for send the form and information about scholarship s2 majors language in iTaLy, my mail is…..thank you =)

  AMBARWATI wrote @

Hay I’m ambar. Now I’m an english teacher at senior high school Now I am still a student of postgraduated program of uhamka at the last semester, but I try to find out scholarship to get Phd in linguistics. Can you help me? Thanks before.

  Spegetaitrecura wrote @

xreyomzgauymxjgwwell, hi admin adn people nice forum indeed. how’s life? hope it’s introduce branch 😉

  Rubijanto wrote @

Saya tertarik dengan beasiswa ini, tolong dong kirim info lengkapnya atau mungkin juga formulir pendaftarannya ke alamat saya.
Terima kasih

  liz wrote @


firstly i d like to say thank you so much for kinds information…
so how can i get scholarship for freshgraduated…

best regards


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