Informasi Beasiswa S1, S2, S3 Luar Negeri

Pusat Informasi Beasiswa Dalam dan Luar Negeri Untuk S1, S2, S3, dan Postdoctoral

[Jerman] Beasiswa S3/PHd bidang Eknomi – 2007 di Ruhr Graduate School in Economics

The RGS Econ offers a distinguished three-year Ph.D. program in Economics to outstanding young and motivated researchers with an excellent academic record and a Master, Diploma or equivalent degree in economics or related fields.

General Informatio

The Ruhr Graduate School of Economics (RGS Econ) offers research and higher education in economics. Emphasis is on analytical theories and advanced methods. It is a joint project of the
* Ruhr University Bochum,
* University of Dortmund,
* University of Duisburg-Essen and
* RWI Essen – Institute for Economic Research.

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  adi wrote @


  Saprinal. M. wrote @

I am a lecture in University Muhammadiyah North Sumatera Indonesia, me want studying about economic scince with hope, I can given contribution in my instution , thank you very much

  Widya wrote @

Ich möchte gerne s2 studieren.können sie zeigen,was geht das?

  lailatul qadariyah wrote @

i wanna know more about this scholarship.i m interested in this scholarship because my focus in economy and i m teaching this subject in state institute of islamic studies sunan ampel surabaya.coul u mind to give me that information?

  Ferry Akbar Pasaribu wrote @

Dear Madam/Sir,

My name is Ferry Akbar Pasaribu, 35, currently work as a diplomat at the Department of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia.

I have my master degree from the University of Indonesia (2001) and keen to continue my study at the Doctoral Level in Germany. I have been working in the Department for 8 years and had been posted in Bogota, Colombia at our Embassy in charge of economic affairs. Therefore I am seeking the opportunity to get a Doctoral Scholarship from Germany, especially in the Political-Economic Studies.

It is my sincere hope that you would kindly contact me for informing me the steps that should be taken to secure one scholarship from you.

Best regards,

Ferry Akbar Pasaribu
Directorate of South American and Caribbean Affairs
Department of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia
Jl. Taman Pejambon No. 6
Jakarta 10110, INDONESIA
Tel. (62-21) 381 2901
Fax. (62-21) 381 3141
Mobile (62-815) 196 14122

  adiarifin wrote @

kapan deadlinenya?

  Anonymous wrote @


  faza wrote @


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