Informasi Beasiswa S1, S2, S3 Luar Negeri

Pusat Informasi Beasiswa Dalam dan Luar Negeri Untuk S1, S2, S3, dan Postdoctoral

East-West Center Fellowships and Scholarships – 2008

These are opportunities for the East-West Center fellowships, beginning in Fall 2008. The upcoming competitions are listed in order of their deadlines:East-West Center Graduate Degree Fellowship
In its 5th decade, the EWC Graduate Degree Fellowship continues to draw outstanding applicants in the fellowship competition for graduate study. The fellowship provides funding for MA (up to 24-month fellowship) or Doctoral degree (up to 48- month fellowship) study.
Eligibility: Citizens or permanent residents of the United States and citizens of countries in the Pacific and Asia, including Russia and Iran.
Application Deadline: November 1, 2007
Application forms and information:
Inquiries: scholarships[ at ]

Asian Development Bank-Government of Japan Scholarships
Funding for graduate degree study (up to 24-month scholarship) to participate in educational programs and the Leadership Certificate at the EWC while pursuing graduate study in ADB-approved fields at the University of Hawai’i at MÇnoa.
Eligibility: Applicants must be a citizen of a borrowing member country of the Asian Development Bank.
Application Deadline: November 1, 2007
Application forms and information, visit:
Inquiries: adbjsp[ at ]

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  krishervina wrote @

i hope, i can get scholarship to get my MBA in Pshychology

  rentania julie wrote @


i wanna studying at USA.i really hope, i cn get the scholarship.becuse in USA is many good university.i wanna change my life.thx

  Andri Mustari wrote @

i really hope that i dont late too much like this, but i need scholarships to get my master degree. please contact me.

  Dine Chandra Devi wrote @

Peace be with you.
I want to get informations about the requirement of scholar receiver to school in U.S.A.
Thank you,

Dine Chandra Devi

  rini meilisa wrote @

I really hope,i can get scholarship at USA.
I want to continue my study in major Economic and get my MBA.Thanks..

  Diah Bahrianti Utami wrote @

I really hope I can get scholarship to study at USA because I want to continue my study in major education program.
Thank you so much

  Supriyanto Prabowo wrote @

I hope there will be an opportunity for me to get the scholarship so that I can my master degree of Business and Administration in abroad, especially in USA. I believe that i can get better education in USA. I do really hope. You can inform me the information by sending it to my e-mail address. Thank you for your consideration.

Best Regards,

Supriyanto Prabowo

  Nadiya Fauziyah Zain wrote @

I really wanna get this schoolarship

  indah wrote @

i just want to say that i will be grateful,if i can study at usa,,just simple but please give me an opportunity to proof that i will give the best for it,..

  Mannasty wrote @


  ajwa himita wrote @

i wanna to this scholarship

  SV Cambodia wrote @

East West Center is my dream, I love this scholarship, thank

  uriam robati wrote @

i’m so desperate to seek my scholarship that will suit my current position at this government. therefore i do really needs an assistance and advise for the best scholarship of eastwest centre can offer me a chance with my undergraduate in sociology or social work.

looking forward to hearing from you soon.

uriam robati

  wende wrote @

dear sir/ madam, i am curious to proceed my education in PhD level in research or management related areas. do you think there is any possibility? if possible please consult me what i need to do…i am from Ethiopia,
thank you very much

  Kat wrote @

I am seeking an opportunity to broaden my knowledge in aviation related issues since my work deals with aviation everyday issues. Would there be a possibility for me to learn through scholarships advertised from east-west center? i really want to understand what i am doing at work….

  Ranto Ipran wrote @

The first I say thanks to maker team this websites for your attention about education.
I am a student university in Bogor Agricultural of University (IPB), Indonesia. I wanna to continue my study (for scholar), so I’ll can give the contribution for Agricultural, keep our earth for polution which come from pestisida.
I think for get it, I must study, make the experiment and need the support from teknologi.
I promise, it’s my missions, my big missions…

But my problems is I don’t have enough knowlegede about that…
and Me a poor boy

I need your help


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