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[Norway] ISFiT 2009 – The International Student Festival in Trondheim

Dear fellow students,
Do you want to change the world for the better? Do you want to share your opinions with other students from around the world? Are you ready for a challenge and an experience which you`ll never forget? Then apply for ISFiT 2009!

We would like to remind all students who want to participate in ISFiT 2009, that the deadline for submitting the application is the 30th of September 2008. You can apply by using the on-line application form on our website

ISFiT – The International Student Festival in Trondheim, Norway, is the world`s largest student festival with a thematic focus. Every second year around 450 students from all over the world attend the festival. The next ISFiT will be arranged from 20 February to 1 March 2009. The main topic this time is peacebuilding.

All students who are above 18 years of age and a student at the time of the festival, are welcome to apply.

For more information about the festival and how to apply, visit our webpage at Questions regarding the application can be sent to

We`re looking forward to receiving your application!

Best regards,
ISFiT 2009

Please read FAQ,



  Bekele Agonafer wrote @

Whenever people discuss the idea of women in the world of men, a male voice always cries out that women are different from men. Ad they try to put points that help them as evidence of differences among men and women by saying that:-
– Women are the weaker sex
– Women are inferior to men, inferior interims of stamina, stability and thinking,
– Women have poor responses to life’s problems,
– Women usually have lower I.Q.’s than men do, and that this accounts for the low percentage of women in professional jobs.
All these remarks certainly do seem to point a finger at women as delicate butterflies, needing protection and care and not needing positions of responsibility especially in developing countries like Africa today.
But In my view the finger is pointing in the wrong direction because men lack all the important points mentioned above although points mentioned are assumed to be as weakness of women but it is an expression of a male’s prejudice. In fact, men are the weaker sex. So it should be now is time to accept the truth and stopped giving out inferior positions to women. All the society who thinks women are inferior to men in ability to think and ability to handle problem as the problem as all like this assumption should be illuminate from every body’s mind. Furthermore, as the bible say’s to husband’s should love wife as them selves and should have to wish for wife (women) every thing what the husband wish for himself. Therefore, if the rule of such kind of bible rule is obeyed by every male and women in every thing will be assumed in every once mind and equality is also accepted either In thinking, taking responsibility and judgment.

Human right
Human rights should accepted principle of fairness and justice. And it is universal moral rights that belong equally to all people simply because they are human beings. Human rights are basic and fundamental rights all individuals deserve to have. Therefore, people are equally entitled to them regardless of their sex, race, color, language, nationality, age, and class, religious and political belief.
In human right, every person has the right to life .That is, no person may be deprived of his/her life except as a punishment for a serious criminal offence determined by law. Every person has the right to protection against serve punishment, or bodily harm. So, as long as there is different ethnic groups in the world or in a single state there might be different culture, different religion beliefs, different language and because of human rights should be preserved and allow every one to participate in what ever culture, belief of different religion and to speak in either their own language or any language should be protected fro every person. And it is better if every individual has respect of other persons right Because if there is respect of right among each other there will be love and peace among different ethnic groups and this fallows development either for once state or through out the world. So keeping human right is the most important thing to bring new idea, new innovations if there is freedom to speak once own idea freely

  boahen owusu richard wrote @

woman are the back born of men so we need to help them in all ways

  Michael Tim wrote @

I love your site! 🙂

Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

  taye wrote @

How can I apply ?

  jeevan thapa wrote @

Dear,sir i am jeevan thapa from nepal.i would like to apply for bechlor in civil enginnering.i passed diploma in civil engineering,please what kind of documentation that can apply to get a student visa.please send some information for my e-mail address. thank you

  mohammad wrote @

Acceptation Letter

Dear Sir,

With the presence of the president of this university, I would like to greet in Islamic Greetings Assalamu Alaykum.

I am Mr. Mohammad Khavary a son of Ali, I was born in March 21, 1989 from the group of Afghanistan , and I am living in Iranfor more than 20 years. Because of the insecurity country of Afghanistan , We decided to go here and stay here.

In Iran it is complicated for all foreigners to live here, up to, for the Entrance Test in University for us it is so hard to take it and also about the tuition feeis very expensive. From this situation everyone who cannot afford for the tuition feeof their children, they are going to send their children in School), because they don’t have ability to pay this all. And another reason that some of families, they are only choosing one of their children to send in SCHOOL. In other side, for all foreigners it is not permitted to take a job here for monthly job.

And I am one of those families that we cannot afford to do this all, and just only a few money that we have. Like others, that their children was born in Iran , they don’t have ability to do this all. From that situation that when I was studying in Elementary school, too much problem that we have regarding paying a tuition fee, getting a Diploma or a Certificate. Besides, until now since when I was studying in Elementary School up to now they didn’t give me a certificate. From this reason, I decided to go to Almustafa International University (Islamic Universityfor all foreigners). And because of family’s abundance, I got from this situation, and also because my family they didn’t have ability to pay for my tuition fee in High school level, I was sent in Almustafa International University. In fact, for all foreigners it is not permitted to work here but some of those works it is, but it’s so very hard just like worker in construction, a tuber, a water constructor and etc. And because of this, we have to work very hard for the monthly salary that we are working for. And also I am studying at that time. But because of the mercy of Allah I had an ability to do this all and until now I didn’t exit from studying an Islamic Theology.

In other problem, for all foreigners that was finished in High school, some of the Universities they are not accepting their own desires to study (just like I want to study a Mechanical Course) they didn’t accept it and because of this I decided to go to Almustafa International University to study an Islamic Theology. In other side, for an Entrance Test in Universities in Iran that it is so very hard in that time, I studied again in Almustafa International University and until now, I am studying in this Islamic Universityfor a license, and in fact, just only one term it will be finish. But, there’s one thing that I want to do, it is to change my course (that I’m studying right now in this Islamic University) to other course, and it is in your University, from this I decided to go to your University to study that course. How many times I talked to all of my friends about this. One of my friends told me about studying in University but me I didn’t know anything regarding this case. But I want to try it and to continue these things and to be one of your students in this University. But because of your hard acceptable, I decided to write a letter so that you will understand what I want to do. And I am hoping that this will be my chance to study in you University because it is better to hope than to standby alone in our own place. But I became hopeless; because of your hard acceptable that it is written in your Entrance Requirements. And because of all things that I said here that too much problem we have. I don’t have ability to pay this all.. And Language Certificate (English language) in Iran , it is so very hard to get it and it is required that we have a high average.

In other side, I don’t have a time to get a certificate language because of this situation and I am also working in that time. But if this situation is easy to you to accept me I mean to give me a chance to study in your University, of course I will do my best and I will study very hard and to work in your University I mean I also want to be a working student. Because I don’t have a lot of money to pay this all and there is no someone who can help me from this situation. But because of my Aim and Purpose that have a worth (that people want to learn knowledge) me, I have that things and I will sacrifice so that there is no body that can let me go far from this desire. And just like in my country, there is no free learning knowledge. In this thing, I am sacrificing so that I can do this just like others in their country, they are studying knowledge. But this is not a wishing moment because in my country there is too much happenings that until now it is going dangerous for us.

Because of this, there is no chance for us to get a certificate from schools. In fact, in every school there are no any other items. I mean in Afghanistan , we don’t have any items in our schools for learning knowledge just like Books, notebooks, and other items.. Regarding about studying, it is just like a park that we go there and nothing! And also there is no higher level than this four years course (license)..

I am hoping that this letter will you read with your mercy and of course with the mercy of Allah, and will you respond this letter so that you can help me from this situation. And for that course that I have wishing for, will you give a chance for me. This is my Cell number: 00989356007746please call me as soon as possible.

From your mercy and good acceptable, thank you!!!

Mohammad Khavary


  nana kwarteng fosu wrote @

I would like to find out from you the exact date for ISFIT 2009. iS it October 2009 or what am confuse here?

  Edoka wrote @

please do notify me the next festval that will be organised by this isfit

  Oragwa Kingsley Azubuike wrote @

Compliments of the day and also i you the best in all your prospects.I am an Electrical/Electronics Student of Federal University of Technoloy Owerri,Imo state,Nigeria and would like to be a member of this reputable movement and also be part of the festival.And also will like to know when you will be organising the next international student festival by ISFIT.
Looking forward to a warm reply soonest.
Thanks and best regards.

  Helena gurning wrote @

Dear Sir, i would like to get scholarship for master of public health..would you like to give me more information and chance. Thank you very much!


i want to know about the festival.
thank you

  george wrote @

I would like to know when to apply for isfit 2012, the theme and the exact requirements and beneficts of the next festival for 2012

  Raissa wrote @

I would like to know when to apply for ISFIT 2012 too,thx

  Harunur Rashid wrote @

please.can u help me admission pf modina university scholarship

  Ahmad wrote @


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