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[UK] Al-Maktoum Foundation Postgraduate Scholarship in Arabic and Islamic Studies

Open Scholarships Competition for Postgraduate Students
* Do you have an honours degree in a humanities or social sciences subject area?
* Would you like to take up a unique opportunity to study at postgraduate level in an area of humanities with crucial relevance to today`s world?
* Would you like to be part of the new agenda for the Study of Islam and Muslims?
* Would you like to be part of the next generation of scholars setting this agenda to face the challenges and opportunities of a diverse and multicultural world in the twenty-first century?
* Would you like to be part of a multicultural team working to build bridges between nations, people and religions?

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[Asia Tenggara] Program Beasiswa Penelitian Mahasiswa Muslim 2007

The Asian Muslim Action Network (AMAN) is pleased to announce the sixth round of the research fellowship program, Islam in Southeast Asia: View from within.

The fellowship grants will be awarded for innovative research on issues concerning economic, socio-political and cultural changes taking place in the diverse Muslim communities of Southeast Asia, especially as they relate to modernization and globalization.

* Popular Islam
* Globalization and Identity Politics
* Islam and Changing Gender Realities
* Islam Values, Economic Activities and Social Responsibilities

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